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The Full Story

Gifted Mind State is a New York based brand founded in 2015 by Yung Eli, an independent hip hop artist. Initially, the brand started as merchandise to promote Yung Eli's music. However, it has since evolved into something bigger than music promotion. The brand aims to cater to free thinkers who refuse to conform to sheepish mentalities. It's for those who want to think for themselves and feel included even when they don't fit in.

Over time, Yung Eli's mindset started to shift, and he adopted a plant based lifestyle in 2019. Through his health journey, he discovered that being healthy is more than just consuming nutritious food and taking supplements. It's also about what we listen to, watch, and say. Mental health is just as important as physical health. The artist's music shifted to provide healthy positive affirmations, which he now lives by. His goal is to contribute positively to society and help people mentally liberate themselves.

Gifted Mind State is a brand that stands for accountability, self awareness, self care, self love, and knowledge of self. The brand's main mission is to help people feel great both inside and outside. GMS is here to help educate, motivate and elevate.

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